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Citrus Loves Silver…and Gold and Bronze

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Citrus Loves Silver…and Gold and Bronze


Here at Citrus Silver, our Canadian roots run deep. We proudly design and make all of our jewellery in Canada and, as you’ll see in our recently launched Canadiana Collection, we’re constantly inspired by the beauty surrounding us.

Our pride shines particularly bright when cheering on the amazing athletes representing Canada on the world stage during an Olympic year. The Rio 2016 Olympics have already given us so many reasons to wear our pride on our sleeves — or more appropriately for us at Citrus Silver, on our necks, wrists and ears!

How about Canada’s new darling of the pool, Penny Oleksiak? What an inspiration! At just 16 and one of the youngest members of Team Canada, her accomplishments in Rio make her a fabulous new role model for our kids. Her positive attitude, graciousness and team spirit, not to mention that incredible smile, give us all reason to be extra proud.

Penny’s achievements in Rio have prompted a round of light-hearted calls for the return of the Canadian penny. We couldn’t agree more! But even if we don’t see pennies back in circulation anytime soon, we’ve got lots of them in Citrus Silver’s new Canadiana Collection. We think the iconic Canadian penny is beautifully suited for necklaces, keychains, charms and even cuff links.

Our Canadian Penny Necklace, which pairs a penny from the year of your choice with our personalized brushed petal pendant, a sterling silver heart charm on a thin ball chain, is a perfect way to show Canadian pride. We’re honoured to say that this particular piece in our collection made its way to Rio with Brenda Bowskill, a member of Canada’s olympic sailing team. As Brenda makes waves in Rio, we hope her necklace — hand-stamped with her word Passion — allows her to feel the support of Canadians as she carries a little piece of home close to her heart.

Our collection also features the maple leaf, another iconic Canadian symbol. The Maple Leaf Pendant is ideal for hand-stamping a special word, date, name or place that will help keep a loved one connected to home while they live, travel — or compete — abroad.

As a special show of support for our great Canadian athletes, we’re donating 20.16% of proceeds from sales of our Canadiana Collection during the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics to Canada’s Own the Podium program. It’s a fantastic not-for-profit organization that supports Canadian athletes, coaches and aspiring Olympians in their quest to bring home more Olympic medals. While we’re particularly fond of silver, we’re certainly not opposed to a little gold and bronze now and then!

Helping celebrate and recognize milestones, accomplishments, people, family and memories is what we’re all about at Citrus Silver. We love to see what makes you crazy proud. These days, that’s the Olympics for us. We’re crazy proud of our Canadian athletes in Rio, whether they reach the podium or not, and know they’re giving it their all.

Sending silver — and gold and bronze — wishes to all of Team Canada!


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