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Intention Setting

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Intention Setting

The fresh start of a new year can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The feeling of opportunity that comes from a blank canvas can also lead to uncertainty about where to start.   

It feels very satisfying to make strides year after year; to become a better version of ourselves. We believe in setting intentions to be purposeful in making a change; an intention that steers our thoughts and actions in the right direction.

Intention setting is the process of creating a clear and focused intention for a specific goal or outcome and directing thoughts and energy toward it to increase the likelihood of achieving it.

Something needs to shift, so set a goal for yourself.  Ensure it's measurable and realistic (and also a bit of a stretch), but more importantly, spend time planning the path to get you there. Consider what steps need to be taken and work backwards so that you know where to start. Change can seem overwhelming when you don't know what to do today. The end goal may take months (or years) and you only have control over what steps you take today, so spend some time on the necessary steps and break them down into manageable chunks. The only way to maintain momentum is to be clear on your path and celebrate the wins of the smaller steps along the way. 


By intention setting, you are mindful of the direction you want to be going. Think about what is going to keep you accountable for reaching those milestones. Perhaps there's a theme or word that you keep coming back to.

For example, you're a busy mom with demands of work, family, and taking time for yourself. You feel like you're pulled in a million directions to please everyone, and taking care of yourself often ends up being your last priority. Perhaps a goal is to get to a yoga class and walk with a friend at least once a week. A word of intention could be BALANCE to help you stay focused and accountable to your weekly goals. You may need to lean into balance when pressure arises at work or within family schedules. Maybe balance will help you say no to something that stands in the way of getting to yoga or is the gentle nudge to schedule a babysitter or call Grandma to ensure you honour your weekly goals.


An intention brings your mind into focus when you feel distracted or off course. It brings mindfulness to your goals and brings clarity to what actions you need to keep you on your path.   

Intention setting can be a personal affirmation (ie. I need to give myself grace), or a recurring theme that will keep you on your path. Whatever it is for you, surround yourself with it! Set reminders on your phone, put a post-it note on the bathroom mirror, or carry it with you.   


Honour your intentions by keeping it close. Have it hand stamped into a pretty piece of CITRUS jewellery that you wear each day, or wear it discreetly in a morse-coded necklace or bracelet. 

Visit our INTENTIONS COLLECTION for inspiration on how to live your mantra and be mindful of your intentions. Your future self will thank you.


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