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Meet Trish & Honouring CITRUS's Founder - Karen

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Meet Trish & Honouring CITRUS's Founder - Karen
Last week marked an important milestone in CITRUS's history as we gathered in Toronto to celebrate the passing of the torch from founder Karen Lamont to me, the new CITRUS owner Trish Houghtling!
For those who were able to join us in person it was lovely to meet you! Hopefully some of you were able to catch us LIVE on Instagram. Thank you for joining us and to all the people who made it oh so perfect. Special shout out to Pink Tartan and Pearls & Honey Events.
In honour of this occasion I wanted to dedicate this message to our founder, visionary and dear friend Karen. 
From a mother's love sparked an incredible journey around the importance of connection which 17 years later ignited into a collection of beautifully handcrafted symbols of love. I too have been an avid collector over the years and am a huge fan of Karen's and I guess you can say... her biggest fan!
Karen, it is an absolute honour and privilege to follow in your very big footsteps. Your legacy will continue to live on as we embark on the next steps of this journey. You have touched the lives of so many of us with your creativity and passion and I look forward to launching new innovative designs that build on the importance of connection.
From the bottom of my heart to Karen and this amazing community THANK YOU for the warm welcome!!!

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