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At CITRUS we believe you deserve to wear the moments you’ve crafted. 

We craft bespoke mementos for your bespoke moments. Our custom pieces are hammered with delicate artistry, stamping memories and intentions into life, so the moments you’ve crafted can always be close at hand

Cherish milestone moments with a personalized design reflecting names or initials, unforgettable dates, GPS coordinates of a special place or an intention to guide you. Whatever you choose, it will be cherished as a connection to someone or something that fills your heart.

We design in sterling silver, yellow + rose gold, leather, silk, coins and semi-precious stones. Embrace the materials you love best and add your bespoke moment. Wear it or gift it; our designs are made for women, men and children who have something to celebrate.  

Our personalized pendants and charms are designed by our founder Karen and proudly made in Toronto, Canada. Established in 2007, the CITRUS brand is known for quality, handmade craftsmanship, timeless meaning and exceptional service.

Each bespoke piece has personal meaning, just like the family or person it represents.  

We can't wait to craft for you.