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Silver Cleaning

With daily wear, your beautiful sterling silver jewellery can naturally lose a bit of sparkle.

Caring for your piece is easy.

 Here are some quick tips:

1. Take a Cloth to It
At the end of the day, when you are taking your necklace or bracelet off and before you place it in the provided airtight bag for storage, give the piece a quick clean using a silver cleaning cloth. This will help to remove fingerprints or oils that have come off your skin, and any light tarnish.


2. Give it a Twinkle
When your jewellery begins to lose its luster, perhaps once every few months, use a special sterling silver cleaner (like Twinkle). This product will provide a more thorough clean and will remove heavy tarnish. Just use the soft sponge provided, wet it, dip in the polish and rub onto the silver. The tarnish will come off with little effort. Exposure to humidity will accelerate tarnish, so you may need to clean it more often in the hot and sticky months. TIP: Use a baby toothbrush (with extra soft bristles) to clean the tarnish from inside the letters.


3. Go DIY
Although perhaps not as thorough, a DIY cleaning method is as simple as going to the baking cupboard. Add baking soda to room temperature water to make a paste. Using a soft sponge, rub the paste onto the silver. TIP: Use a baby toothbrush (with extra soft bristles) to clean the tarnish from inside the letters.


4. Sterling Silver Dip
We recommend silver dips with caution. Because they are very concentrated, they can be harmful if you dip your sterling silver beyond the recommended time. We know a customer who left her CITRUS pendant in the dip overnight in error. The next day it was unwearable. Please follow the dip instructions closely.


Minimize tarnish by storing your silver in the provided air-tight bag with the anti-tarnish strip when you’re not wearing your silver. You’ll be glad you did.

If you need help cleaning your CITRUS jewellery, or if you think it needs a little extra TLC, contact us!