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With the birth of Karen’s first child, she understood how powerful a mother’s love is. The kind of love that paralyzes; filling every ounce with incredible pride.

A long-time fashion and accessories devotee, Karen Lamont, CITRUS (formerly Citrus Silver) founder and principal designer, wanted to express that crazy love in a simple yet stylish way. Her first pieces provided a daily, tangible reminder of the importance of her new role as mother. She would catch glimpses of her children’s names or find herself holding the smooth surface of the pendant to bring her back to what truly mattered most and how grateful she was to be a mother.

The birth of her other baby, CITRUS, followed.

Karen’s strong design sense and superior hand stamping quickly set CITRUS apart. More than a decade later, Karen has crafted thousands of bespoke necklaces and bracelets in precious metal so that the moments you've crafted are always close at hand.

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