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Hematite Bracelet: Keep Calm and Hematite On

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Hematite Bracelet: Keep Calm and Hematite On

At Citrus Silver, this is the time of year we like to take time to enjoy the beautiful colours around us, breath in the crisp air and generally regroup after a busy start to the Fall. Keeping in mind all that we love about this season, we’ve chosen the Hematite Bracelet to feature in our blog this week.

Besides being known for its sheer beauty, hematite is widely thought of as a healing and grounding stone. It’s believed to help strengthen the body, reduce stress, calm the mind and even boost self-esteem, confidence and willpower. Bring it all on, we say! Anything that can help us reset and rejuvenate is always a welcome addition.

Our Hematite Bracelet is strung with beautiful, black disc-shaped stones that have a smooth metallic-like finish. A sterling-silver accent bead (we are Citrus Silver after all!), tops off the piece for an edgy and contemporary look. With an elastic cord that makes it easy to slip on and off, this has become one of our go-to pieces for any occasion. 

If you want to make it personal, add our petal pendant and have it hand stamped with a special initial or word. 

Each week, we offer a brand new design at a very special price. Keep an eye on our websiteFacebookInstagram or Twitter posts to find our latest feature. 

In the spirit of our Hematite Bracelet design, we wish you a calm and organized week!

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