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Why We Love this Ancient Way of Wearing Jewels

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Why We Love this Ancient Way of Wearing Jewels

Spotlight on the Anklet

Cleopatra likely sported one as she walked in the hot desert sands of Egypt and women in India have been wearing them for centuries. This week we introduce our own version - a stunning anklet perfect for the barefoot days of summer. Check it out!

Anklet by Citrus Silver

An anklet, ankle chain or ankle bracelet, is a piece of jewellery that women of many cultures, and for many years, have worn to adorn their ankles. In ancient Egypt, women of all social classes wore anklets, from sparkling jewels to the more simple and subdued charms likely worn by women of poorer classes. Ancient Egyptians loved their jewellery and it was one of life’s pleasures for women and men of all classes. It is interesting to see jewellery as a part of ancient life, reminding us that our cultural pleasures haven’t changed that much, in all these years!

Anklets, like other jewellery, was also popular in the Persian empire, brought there by jewellery dealers via what historians call the Silk Road. So selling jewellery is an ancient profession, and part of the spread of culture around the world!

And also fascinating to us is the rich history of the anklet in Indian culture. Women in ancient India wore anklets, and this tradition is talked about in the literature of the day. Anklets, often made of silver, are still part of traditional Indian ceremonial wedding attire.

Closer to home, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the anklet became popular on this side of the pond. In the 1950s many “bobbysockers” wore bracelets to accentuate their white socks! And the anklet was popular in the 1970s when many women wore their initials around their ankles.

To us, the anklet screams summer - like sangria sipped dockside. Our design of the week looks great for a day at the beach, or as part of a summertime outfit showing lots of leg. What do you love about the anklet? And did you know it had such a rich history? Share on our Facebook page!

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