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7 Shiny Gift Ideas

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7 Shiny Gift Ideas

The biggest season for gift giving is very nearly here and now is when many of us start looking for the perfect way to say “I love you;” “You’re amazing;” “Congratulations;” or “You’re my soul mate.” Gift-giving on special occasions, to mark key life events, is as old as time and prolific across all cultures too. Sometimes we even give gifts just to say … “Hey, this made me think of you.”

While we love the look of our sterling silver jewellery with children’s names hand stamped onto one of our beautiful pendants or charms, there are many other occasions and reasons to celebrate important people, dates or relationships in your life. Here are some (7 to be exact) different pendants we’ve stamped for various gift-giving occasions. Maybe you haven’t thought of these!

Weddings - Anniversaries - Push Presents - I Love You

We are seeing a new trend at Citrus Silver - combining the initials or names of two love birds with the year they were married (or met) and the prefix “est.” Here are three examples:

Shown: Triangle Pendant, Zip Pendant on Box Circle Chain, Blue Leather Cuff with Sunny Pendant

Triangle Pendant by Citrus SilverZip Pendant on Box Circle Chain from Citrus Silver


Blue Leather Cuff from Citrus Silver

A Great Accomplishment

When your daughter makes the hockey team, you’ll want to take a look at this fun way to nurture her love of the sport.

Shown: Hockey Stick Pendant on Thin Ball Chain.

Hockey Stick Pendant on Thin Ball Chain by Citrus Silver


For when a loved one beats breast cancer, or to show your support for someone’s heroic journey along any wellness path:

Shown: Ribbon Pendant.

Ribbon Pendant  by Citrus Silver

BFFs or Your Sweet Sixteen Year Old

For the young girls, who do love to sparkle, we have hand stamped “Sweet 16” on a Sweet Pendant, and created a one-of-a-kind best girlfriend’s gift on a Savour pendant.

Sweet Pendant by Citrus Silver

Savour Pendant by Citrus Silver

If you are looking for the perfect gift, for any occasion, ask us for our ideas! We love putting that unique personal touch on a gift that comes from the heart.

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