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Support a Great Cause! Come Out and Stroll with Citrus Silver at Mount Sinai Rock N Stroll

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Support a Great Cause! Come Out and Stroll with Citrus Silver at Mount Sinai Rock N Stroll

You feel everything a little more deeply when you become a mom. Don’t you? Though I have been lucky in life to experience two low-risk and uncomplicated pregnancies, and births, I am aware of the challenges other parents have faced, or face today. It tugs at my heartstrings. It also mobilizes me. And with the hope of making a difference, I am participating in an event for Mount Sinai Hospital on September 28, 2014 to raise money for high-risk births. You can join me. In fact, I hope you do - in whatever way suits you. I wanted to write this blog post to spread the word about the event, and to share with you how you can join me in supporting families in your community.

Rock N’ Stroll takes place on Sunday, September 28 and includes a 3km walk, as well as a whole day of family-friendly fun. The rock n’ roll theme means plenty of exciting activities, including food and musical performances featuring children’s entertainers Sonshine & Broccoli. There is also the LUG Family Marketplace, where you can purchase family-friendly goods, including jewellery from yours truly. Come by and say hello! I’ll be showcasing my entire collection… lots of sterling silver pendants ready to carry the names, dates, initials or words that matter most to you.

The event starts at 9am (registration) and my family and I will be walking as Team Lamont. There will be plenty of other parents hitting the pavement, and strollers are of course very welcome. Register a team and put on your running shoes.

If you can’t make it to the walk, but want to show your support, you can visit my fundraising page here. Any size donation is most welcome (thank you, thank you) and goes to support high-risk births at Mount Sinai Hospital. This hospital sees around 7,000 pregnancies a year (!) and 2/3rds of those women are facing high-risk births. This is such an important cause, and I really think that as moms we ought to band together and support each other in the community. This is a small way that I am showing my support. I hope that you can make a difference too.

The Sunny Pendant by Citrus Silver

And to extend my commitment to helping out, I thought I would offer to donate $5 from the purchase of every SUNNY pendant (including those sold as part of our Leather Cuff) ordered between now and September 30 to Mount Sinai Hospital! So if you’ve been thinking about buying this amazing and versatile sterling silver pendant, now is the time! I’ll donate on your behalf.

Free Shipping Fall Special from Citrus Silver

Becoming a mom really does change you. It makes you so much more aware that others need us too. If you’re a mom with a high-risk birth you understand the importance of health care facilities and experts that can make your child well. If you’re a mom that has had an uncomplicated birth you appreciate and feel lucky for that gift. Either way, here’s a chance to help those delivering after us to increase their odds. I hope you can help, even in a small way.

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