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Celebrating Grandparent's Day September 7

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Celebrating Grandparent's Day September 7

With a British background, sharing a pot of tea with my grandmother was a cherished opportunity to slow down, and catch up. I have fond memories of sitting with her over a piping hot cup of earl grey; this is how I learned about her life.

My mum also enjoys tea (all day long) and my tradition from childhood has become the same opportunity for my girls to bond with their grandmother. They love visiting her home, and taking that mid-morning break to enjoy a cup of tea and a cookie. In those times, family stories are shared and there is always laughter, sometimes a few tears of remembrance. Wisdom is passed along, so that stories and truths never die.

I love that my girls get to have a relationship with their grandparents, and this is a special bond filled with love and honesty. On Grandparent’s Day, which is Sunday September 7th, we will be celebrating the many ways that my parents and parents-in-law enrich the lives of my children. Will you be celebrating?

Some of my favourite orders to stamp are for grandmothers and I have even chosen to include a large pendant in my collection so that grandmothers can have many special names hand stamped on a piece of jewellery they can wear with pride. The Delight pendant has space for 52 characters. It is a larger piece, so unless Grandma has a bold jewellery personality, I recommend that she wear this pendant with a long chain, which will help to minimize the size. Take a look at it here on our new Design of the Week, available August 25 - August 31.

Design of the Week on Citrus Silver

Another great choice to celebrate Grandma is the Trio Necklace, which includes the Sunny (perfect for stamping her children’s names), Slice (great for stamping her grandchilren’s names) and Tart (for stamping your parent’s name and anniversary date) pendants offering plenty of room for stamping multiple generations.

 Trio Necklace by Citrus Silver

For a grandma who prefers more subtle jewellery, our Sunny pendant is a popular choice. It looks classic paired with a Circle Link chain. With older women, I generally recommend a longer chain length (18” minimum) as this is a more comfortable and flattering look; the feedback I receive indicates that Grandma doesn’t want to wear a necklace too close to her neck.

Sunny on Circle Link by Citrus Silver

Whatever you choose, Grandma will surely love your thoughtful gift, and feeling appreciated for the many ways she makes life extra special for your children.

If you are buying for Grandparent’s Day, be sure to place your order by Wednesday August 27, 2014 to ensure delivery in time for the special day.

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