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831. Express your LOVE in code.

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831. Express your LOVE in code.

8 . 3 . 1

8  Letters

3  Words

1  (special) Meaning


A friend of Citrus Silver recently shared a touching story.

Growing up, Lawton often overheard her mom using ‘831’ when speaking with her dad on the phone. It was a way their family expressed their love in a more private, intimate way. Love could be freely expressed without announcing it to the world.

Before Lawton was born, ‘831’ was engraved in Lawton’s mother’s engagement ring and her Dad’s wedding ring. 831 was their thing. Growing up, Lawton’s mom would sometimes be up and out of the house early. Often she left a note for her teenage kids that ended in “831 M”. Lawton isn’t sure now if the M stood for Mom or her mom’s first initial. Regardless, it was like a morning hug from her mom. On a milestone birthday, Lawton’s Mom gifted her a ring. Engraved inside the ring were those 3 loving numbers: 831. For years, Lawton wore that ring daily.  Now almost a decade later, Lawton still reaches for that ring in challenging moments. Before putting it on, she looks at the numbers before sliding it over the tip of her finger. 

Those 3 numbers are powerful. Lawton says that her mom is the strongest person she knows. Wearing her 831 ring allows her to channel that strength and feel her mother’s love. Lawton says “it makes me braver knowing that I’m not alone in difficult moments. I can’t always be with her, but wearing the ring reminds me of her love and always keeps me connected to her. It’s a token of her love.”

We thank Lawton and her Mom for sharing their touching and personal story with us and the power of 831 in their family.

Citrus has a new 8.3.1 Collection this is inspired by the expression of love that is held in those precious numbers. We’ve designed delicate pieces made in sterling silver and rose gold that put the power of love around the neck or wrist of someone you love. Similar to the strength that 831 provides to Lawton, may it always share your love and support with someone special, without sharing it with the world. It can be your secret code too.                 Our first collection piece is going out to Lawton. She’s planning to gift it to her Mom as her way of saying, ‘you too Mom, you too”. A precious gift for her mom to forever hold onto. We love how their 831 expression of love goes full circle.


Visit our 8.3.1 Collection and consider a gift for someone you love or for yourself. Be sure to check out our 831 Rose Gold Braille Necklace to add a little more mystic to your love code. (because we're big believers in self love:)

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