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A Mother's Love

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A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love is something fierce.

Of course it is; it's the most important job she has and one that never ends.

She helped us grow and kept us safe. She made endless sacrifices, but never counted them. Quite likely she put her career on hold to raise us. She was there to kiss our scrapes, make our lunches and help us through the homework struggle. Always with love.

As a teenager she listened to us grumble when we lost or gloat when we won, and provided a healthy dose of realism either way.

She helped us navigate tricky relationships with that same realism that allowed us to get past the drama. She provided the perspective we needed when it seemed the world was crumbling down around us. In her eyes, our best was always good enough. She provided hope. She was our silver lining.

And our moral compass - she had the voice of reason. Imparting her knowledge and values was just another part of her job. She impressed upon us the importance of our roots, our culture and the meaning of family.

Despite the sacrifices she made, she also took the hits.  When we experienced failure or a broken heart, she did too. But when we succeeded, oh my, did she beam.

Crazy that we didn't always appreciate her. A lack of respect or embarrassment may have crept into those confusing teenage years. But she never gave up on us. Despite all the stuff we threw her way, she always believed in us and loved us unconditionally.

Perhaps it's age, or maybe being a mom ourself to appreciate the power of a mother's love. It often takes maturity to appreciate beautiful things...and she helped teach us that too.

A mother's love is limitless. Even if she's no longer with you, she's really always with you. A mother's love never fades or goes away. Her spark will always give you wings to fly and light the path to bring you home safely.

There's no treasury on its worth. It's value is beyond measure.

We all have special things that we cherish and appreciate about our mom, whether she's our biological mom or a mom figure who has shaped us.

Share something about your mother's love below that you're grateful for. Maybe it's something she said that impacts your everyday life, or an incredible moment that you cherish, or an powerful feeling that inspires your daily intentions. In many unique ways, a mother's love inspires goodness. Goodness that we can share with our own family and friends. And we can always use more of that.

On Mother's Day, May 13th, we'll pick one mother's love submission below and gift a $100 online Citrus Silver gift certificate to a lucky winner and another $100 gift certificate for their mom, or woman they cherish like a mom.

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Thank you for taking a moment to appreciate a mother's love in whatever powerful way it moves you.

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