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Press For Progress - International Women's Day

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Press For Progress - International Women's Day
Gender parity is 200 years away according to the World Economic Forum's 2017 Gender Gap Report. That's a very long time. Women are receiving 87 cents on the dollar. Really? With global activism fuelled by the TIME'S UP and ME TOO movements, there is a strong global momentum for gender parity.  This International Women's Day the theme is PRESS FOR PROGRESS. The International Women's Day organization says "individually we're one drop, but together we're an ocean". And we say YES!
How can each of us make a difference? Visit International Women's Day to make a pledge to concentrate on one of the following areas (you'll also find inspirational examples of positive behaviours there too):
  •     Celebrate women's achievements
  •     Influence others' beliefs / actions
  •     Forge positive visibility of women
  •     Challenge stereotypes and bias
  •     Maintain a gender parity mindset
    Let's all be FIERCE in accelerating gender parity. With global activism fuelled by the TIME'S UP and ME TOO movements, there is strong global momentum for gender parity. Let's contribute our drop so collectively we can make a difference for our daughters, and their daughters, and their daughters.....
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wrote an open letter to Canadian Women encouraging women "now more than ever, we must “Press On for Progress”... We are already witnessing big changes in industries as different as politics and filmmaking. But just because we are seeing change does not mean we can pull back".
Today, and everyday, women around the world need to be Fierce and build each other up so we can all Thrive and channel our inner Wonder Woman.

In celebration of female difference makers (past, present and future:) everything in our Women's Collection & Intention Collection is 20% off. Use coupon WOMEN20 through March 19, 2018 at  as our thanks for pledging to make your mark on gender parity.

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