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Customer Story: Sisters Re-united and Jewellery Marks the Occasion

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Customer Story: Sisters Re-united and Jewellery Marks the Occasion

We are so often humbled to learn from our customers how a particular piece of Citrus Silver jewellery has made an impact on their life, and on the lives of their loved ones. When Terri of Toronto got in touch with us to share why the MOD Necklace with Heart Charm she purchased for her sister meant so much to her, we thought this story too special not to share. With Terri’s permission, we are telling the story of Terri and Wendy. We are so thrilled to be a part of this magical reunion and delighted that in the MOD Necklace, Terri found a way to commemorate the love she shares with her sister. “...I have always wanted a sister - always. Wendy had always wanted a younger brother. I have 3 younger brothers. When the father that raised Wendy was dying, he shared that he was not her birth father.  This was quite a shock to her.  She searched for 3 years to find us and we were finally brought together. I finally had a sister and Wendy finally had her younger brother - which by the way, looks so much like Wendy as well. I feel so close to Wendy - we talk by SKYPE several times a week - sometimes we stare at one another to the point that we mention it - reason is, we look so much alike, even our teeth are the same.  I sure love this new sister - we have so many similarities, like so many of the same things...I wanted to buy her a piece of jewelry that would have significant meaning - the branch represents the family tree...SISTERS represents the two of us (I wanted a sister my whole life)...and the blue stone represents her birthstone.  The gold leaf represents how much our relationship means to me - it's gold.”

Heart Pendant from Citrus Silver T

erri had the Heart Charm stamped with the word "Sisters."  

Thank you to Terri for letting us share her story. It is one of such incredible love and we are glad we could give these sisters something more to share. We can’t think of a better reward for the job that we do creating one-of-a-kind sterling silver jewellery.

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