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How Long (or Short) Should I Go? Deciding on Chain Length

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How Long (or Short) Should I Go? Deciding on Chain Length

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Choosing a necklace from Citrus is exciting! But with so many length options, it's hard to know what length to choose.

We are frequently asked: what chain length should I go with? We always recommend that you measure out with a string the exact length listed before committing to the purchase and that you keep in mind whatever pendant you choose will add additional length (pendant dimensions are listed on our site).

That said, it is also a good idea to keep the following considerations in mind:

Build/Neck Size:

If you have a small/medium sized build, 16" will likely sit at the top of a crew neck shirt. Any shorter (ie. 14"-15") will be choker length. For a woman with a larger than average build, 18" would be the shortest you should go to avoid choker length.

If you're a woman who is taller than average or has a long torso, 16" may not seem like a choker length, but may LOOK it based on proportions. Go with 18" as the shortest unless the necklace lends itself to a choker style. So often we hear that grandmothers or older customers prefer a chain length that isn't too close to their neck. 18" is the shortest length we would recommend for a grandmother.

If you're petite, a really long chain should be avoided, as it will end up below your waistline and this will make you look even shorter. Keep it under 30".

Where You Will Wear It:

Consider when and where you plan to wear your necklace. If you're looking for an everyday piece that goes with everything, and you plan to wear it to exercise in too, go with a 16" or 18" length that doesn't bounce around too much. If your everyday dress includes a corporate look of either a collared dress shirt or a blazer, keep your necklace short (16" or 18") so it falls inside the collar. This will allow it to be seen without seeming lost.

Consider your wardrobe: If you wear lots of big chunky necklines or love to wear a scarf as an accessory, a longer chain may be the best way to have your necklace visible. If you wear lots of long tunics, a longer chain will also work better in proportion to your tunic. If you wear a complicated neckline (think asymmetrical or wide collar), a choker length necklace (ie. 15" ) will be the best length so as not to compete with your neckline. If your wardrobe is casual or sporty, stick with 16" or 18" depending on your build and height. These lengths offer the greatest versatility. Layering necklaces is lovely too. If you wear one necklace with a large pendant or busy charms, keep your other necklace more simple. Likewise, if you wear a chunky chain, keep the other one simple and neutral. One piece should be the feature and the other the lovely companion.

If you still need some guidance, get in touch. We're happy to help! Not sure about a certain outfit? Send us a picture and we can make some suggestions.

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