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Arm Candy with the Perfect Fit: Deciding on Bracelet Length

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Arm Candy with the Perfect Fit: Deciding on Bracelet Length

Unless you're buying a cuff bracelet or bangle, which is often one size, most bracelets come in various lengths.  The first thing to keep in mind is the size of your wrist (or frame). Consider a 7" for a small wrist, 7.5" for a medium wrist, 8" for a large wrist and 8.5" for an extra large wrist.  Often we can accommodate custom lengths, so do get in touch if you'd like a different size.  Typically a wrist size is correlated to the body size of the person wearing it, but we've found that people who work with their hands (think massage therapists) or people with more athletic builds might benefit from going a half size bigger.  To be sure, measure your wrist with a measuring tape or piece of string. Once it is in place on your wrist, tuck two fingers snug underneath, as this will allow room for movement which is absolutely necessary. You don’t want your bracelet to seem to choke your wrist.

The Toggle vs Lobster clasp debate: Although we love the look of a toggle clasp, it can inadvertently come undone if it's too big for the person wearing it.  Follow the measuring guidelines above and keep to the strict two fingers snug underneath your string to find the right length.  Error on the side of smaller if you choose the toggle.  Sadly, even a well fit bracelet with a toggle clasp may still come undone when you slip it into a fitted sleeve, so you still need to be cautious with the toggle.  If you'd prefer greater security, or you're buying as a gift for someone and don't have the luxury of measuring her wrist, consider a lobster clasp instead and go a bit bigger. She can attach the lobster to any clasp for the best fit on her.  A bracelet with a lobster clasp is better than a lost bracelet with a toggle.

For girls, we make bracelets in 6.5" length with an adjustable lobster clasp.  This is suitable for an average-sized girl under the age of 12.  Once she moves into the teen years, we'd suggest using the women's guidelines for bracelet length.

If you have a bracelet at home that fits your wrist perfectly you can certainly measure it as a guideline.  Often people ask if they should include the clasp in the measurement or just the links outside of the clasp.....good question!  We would say include SOME of the clasp.  Think about the measurement being based on the inside perimeter of the bracelet when it's done up.  With a lobster clasp, all of the clasp would contribute to the length, but with a toggle there's a bit of the clasp that overlaps when it's done up.  Do up the bracelet and watch for the overlap, then undo it and measure leaving the overlapping part out of your measurement.

As always, any unstamped Citrus purchase can be returned for an exchange or refund within 30 days if it hasn't been worn.  So if you make a mistake in the length, we're happy to make the change! We are also happy to guide you through your purchase. If you are still unsure how to determine what bracelet length is right for you, or if buying for a friend, get in touch! We will gladly help you.

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