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Layering Delicate Designs

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Layering Delicate Designs


As we talked about in my last blog post, design inspiration comes from everywhere. I have recently loved seeing the delicate and finer-chain pieces put together on runways and in magazines because that is how I often wear my pieces. Layering several delicate designs together is still a huge trend with no sign of stopping. Whether you are going for a modern urban look or a bold, dramatic statement, layering works. It is an easy way to express your mood. Making a subtle statement with a single layered necklace or stack of long chains can complete a look. Small, silver bead bracelets with our silk wraps are my new every day. Long strands of understated and chic silver, layered with pieces including charms or without, feels stylish without looking like a rap star. When shopping for layering pieces, some longer length chains can be wrapped around your neck twice (34” or longer) and then layered with a contrasting piece. This versatility allows your jewellery to go from neckline to long on any given day. It also enables the piece to be wardrobe compatible. A maxi dress or long tunic calls out for a long piece. A short top will be better for doubling. Accessorizing may take some practice to get the layers just right. Try on all your pieces until you love it. Experimenting with many items is the easiest way to get an idea of what is working. Four tips that I use might help to get you started.

Four tips that I use for layering delicate designs.

  1. Keep the lengths within 20” of each other so the look is unified. If your shortest layer is 16”, keep your longer layer less than 36”, otherwise, they appear disconnected. There aren’t any hard and fast rules for the minimum gap between them. To allow them to be seen (and to minimize tangling), we suggest a minimum gap of 4”.
  2. Make a collar at the neckline with colourful beads or chunky pearls. Whatever is striking your fancy that day, wear it with confidence. Our Statement Necklace is one of my faves for hitting this trend.
  3. If you don’t want to add pendants, go for some very simple chains together in varying lengths and stay light and airy. Sometimes less really is more.
  4. Don’t feel your choice of layers need to match; they just need to be complimentary. And if you’re in the mood for more, add a third necklace (but I’d stop there).
Remember, when it feels right, it is right. Accessorizing is a personal fashion statement, and no way is perfect. You will know it is working when you look in the mirror and are ready to take on the day.

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