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Harness the Power of Words

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Harness the Power of Words

Words have power. Some more important than others of course, but we harness the power of words everyday. We see examples around us all the time. They can lift us up, elicit a smile or a tear, give comfort, prompt a long-past memory, inspire us and help us feel connected.

Many people would argue that the more words there are, the more powerful their meaning. After more than a decade hand-stamping what is most special to our customers, we know well that often just a few beautiful characters can tell a much deeper story.

In our Citrus Silver studio, we are proud to design Canadian-made silver jewellery pieces we think our customers will love. What we didn’t count on when we set off on this journey was how many beautiful stories would come our way thanks to the personal stamping we do. Names always bring with them special meanings, whether they’re family members, friends, special connections or pets. But what never fails to amaze us are the stories behind what are seemingly just common words, or a few numbers strung together, that hold so much more meaning than what they simply say.

A special customer recently chose a hand-stamped pendant with the name of her best friend, who passed way over the summer. She was gifting the pendant to her best friend’s mother in the hopes it would help her keep her daughter close to her heart always. These are the stories that bring tears to our eyes, but also make us thankful that our pieces might bring just a little comfort to someone who needs it.


The charms that accompany our silk wraps have been particularly popular for single, powerful words that inspire. We’ve stamped beautiful words like grateful, thrive, love, joy, focus, namaste, breathe and believe. One customer told us just being able to reach down and touch the inspiring word she chose for her Citrus Silver bracelet brought great comfort during some trying times.

We’re alway amazed, too, at how one word can have such different meanings for people. Take believe, for example. Maybe it’s believe in yourself, believe in your family, believe that everything will be okay, believe things will get better. And, if you choose, only you need to know its true meaning!

We were first drawn to sterling silver for its beauty and solid, sleek lines. The metal is soft enough that it allows our stamping to leave clear,  deep impressions that are easily felt. So even if you can’t see your pendant around your neck, a quick brush of the hand is a powerful reminder of what’s important to you.

So whatever YOUR word is, let Citrus Silver help harness its power.

Until January 31, 2017 enjoy 20% off our Silk Wraps hand stamped with your word. Shop Now and use coupon code SILK20 at checkout to harness the power of your word.

We can’t wait to hear what inspires you.

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  • Nov 02, 2021

    Thank you for the informative blog. keep on writing for us. You can also visit our website to see more Indian Silver Jewellery in USA collections.

    — Indian Silver Jewellery in USA

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