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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Hockey!

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Hockey!

We don’t want to wish away this beautiful Fall weather, but here at Citrus Silver, one of our favourite seasons is about to kick into high gear. We love it for the sweaters donned, the rosy cheeks it creates, the hot chocolate that follows and the team spirit it instills. Winter? No way! It’s hockey season!

If we had our way, hockey would be Canada’s official fifth season. In our neighbourhood, hockey is a vibrant part of the community. Whether it’s out on the ice with teammates or neighbours, family shinny at the local rink or coaching from the bench, we love it all. That’s why we couldn’t possibly forget hockey in our Citrus Silver Canadiana collection.

We recently added a new Small Hockey Stick Pendant to our lineup. We think it’s bound to be a hit with those hockey players who dream big, and it works perfectly on a thin leather cord or our thin ball chain. Your athlete will love this little piece, which offers all kinds of options for stamping. Think his or her name, initials, a team name, jersey number or even an inspirational word. So many choices! 


This Canadian made Small Hockey Stick Pendant is available for $49, including the hand stamping. 

For those needing extra space, our larger-sized Hockey Stick Pendant is still an ideal choice. We’ve had lots of moms choose this one in order to get the names of all their little hockey players on the same piece.

Hockey holds a special place in Citrus Silver’s heart thanks to founder Karen Lamont’s love of the sport. Growing up, Karen spent hours on a backyard rink lovingly built and maintained by her dad. The hockey craze has never faded for her, and Karen now plays in a couple of women's leagues and, together with her husband, coaches her daughters in their neighbourhood girls’ league. This is one of Karen's favourite pictures, taken at the Mother-Daughter game in their neighbourhood league.


“Coaching girls hockey is one of my favourite community activities. I love watching my girls and all the other players out there working hard, supporting each other and just generally having fun. Those smiles are infectious,” Karen said when asked recently about why coaching is so important to her.   

Here’s to a fantastic hockey season! We’ll see you on the ice.

Want the Small Hockey Stick Pendant for you or to gift to your little hockey player? ORDER HERE!

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