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For many years, people have seen my Penny Collection and asked if I offered dimes too. Each time I would ask them why dimes were important to them, and the response would often go something like this: ”My MOM/DAD/SISTER passed away. Since they’ve been gone, I find dimes in the craziest places. I swear it’s how they are connecting with me. It feels so good to find them because it seems like they are watching over me.”

And so, I’ve had plans to bring dimes into my Collection for some time. I’ve designed pieces, had them photographed and started collecting dimes by year.  But for some reason, I held off. Perhaps I was looking for a sign.

And then it got personal a few weeks ago.

My Dad passed away after struggling with Lewy Body Dementia (which btw, is a terrible disease). And after struggling for years, with troubled times especially in the last 4 months, he passed away peacefully. Despite COVID, I was lucky enough to hold his hand as he took his last breath.

Since then, all the emotions have flowed; sadness that he’s gone and guilt that perhaps I could have done more, especially near the end.  When I started to write his eulogy, all the memories, lessons learned, tears and love just poured out.

I suppose regardless how you lose someone close to you, there’s a natural curiosity for where they are now. Are they happy? Can they see and hear me? Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to get a sign from them to know they are ok.

A few days after my Dad passed, I pulled out my Mum’s dryer that had stopped working weeks before. I got down on my knees to clean the dust that had accumulated under the dryer. Amidst an old sock and a pile of dust I found a DIME. There it was. There he was.

To me the dime is a connection to my Dad; I feel like he’s telling me that everything is ok. He’s watching over me (probably making sure we connected the new dryer properly) and he’s smiling. I can feel it.

I cherish that dime. I cleaned it off, slipped it into my pocket and a few days later encased it in sterling silver. It became the inspiration for my new Family Connection Dime Necklace. I was already wearing my daughter’s names and my initial alongside my husband’s initial. But I added that special dime (that connection to him) and a small Bud pendant with a heart hand stamped into it.  A wise friend told me “if there is one thing I know for sure about loss, is that time doesn’t heal, only love does”. I think she’s right.

So that sign that I was looking for to introduce dimes; well I discovered it for myself.

If you’re like me, the dime(s) you find is really special. I feel like my Dad is closer when I wear the dime he presented to me. So, it makes sense that you wear YOUR dime, it’s your connection to your special person. Send it to CITRUS and we'll wrap it in sterling silver, just like I did with my own, so that you can wear it with an even greater sense of connection to your special person.

And if sending me your dime isn’t as important as having a dime in a milestone year, we can provide one to you. At CITRUS, we have collected them for most years from 1968 through 2018; uncirculated 2020 dimes are available too.

Visit our COIN COLLECTION to explore all of our designs with Canadian pennies and dimes. And just like I’m watching for more dimes to appear, so too will more dime designs appear within our collection. You just have to be watching for them!

Please share comments below about the dimes you find or the signs that connect you to someone you've lost. 

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