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Family Connection Dime Necklace
Family Connection Dime Necklace
Family Connection Dime Necklace

Family Connection Dime Necklace


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Our Family Connection Dime Necklace includes 3 personalized sterling silver, Canadian made pendants and a Canadian dime in the year of your choice. Includes a sterling silver chain in lengths 18" - 36" so you can wear all 4 charms close to your heart.

Dimes are believed to be a sign, often found in unusual places by people who have lost someone close to them. Read more about the power of dimes in our BLOG here. Although we offer dimes by year, we believe that you may want YOUR own special dime included. The Dime Year drop down menu includes an option to have YOUR dime framed in sterling silver. If you choose this option we will email details for mailing your special dime to us to incorporate into your necklace. Delivery time will vary based on receipt of your dime. Each dime is encased in sterling silver, without compromising the integrity of the coin while allowing you to enjoy the front and back of the coin. 

JAXON pendant (long rectangle) measures 3 cm (h) x .8 cm (w) x .15 cm (d) and has room for 12 hand stamped characters, including spaces between words/dates.

MINI pendant (small rectangle) measures 1.2 cm (h) x 1 cm (w) x .1 cm (d) and has room for 1 hand stamped character centered in the middle, OR up to 4 hand stamped characters (including spaces) on the right side of the pendant as shown here.

BUD pendant (small circle) measures .09 cm (h) x .09 cm (w) x .1 cm (d) and has room for 1 hand stamped character or heart (shown) in the middle.

Additional Jaxon Pendants, Mini and Bud pendants are available separately if you'd like to add more personalized elements to this necklace.  Visit ALL personalized pendants here for other shapes + sizes and Canadian Pennies by year here.

Stamping is included in the above price. Font as shown. Upper case letters. See Stamping Information tab for more info.

Necklace includes our Oval Chain; an Italian made a sterling silver chain that fastens with a lobster clasp. 

Elements: Sterling Silver + Dime elements (nickel, steel, copper; depending on year)

Please refer to our Chain Length Guide for a visual and quick, helpful tips for length selection.


Stamping is positioned facing out on the JAXON pendant and MINI pendant (only if the MINI has 2 or more characters) based on looking at the pendant face on. Only UPPER case font is available.

Stamping is centered in the middle of the BUD pendant and the MINI pendant (only if the MINI has 1 character to be stamped). We default to UPPER case font, but lower case is available on the BUD pendant or the MINI pendant (MINI can only fit a max. of 2 lower case letters)

If you would like a heart hand stamped on any pendant, provide details in the Comments for the Maker box if your keyboard doesn't support entering a heart in the stamping field.

When wearing multiple pendants, the sterling silver will rub and slightly scratch each other. If the pendants are brushed (available upon request at no charge) the scratching will be significantly less noticeable.

Variations may be accommodated; provide details in the Comments for the Maker box if applicable.

If you expect to add more stamping at a later date, please include a comment and we'll stamp the letters closer together. Stamping is always free; regardless of when we stamp it (now or later). We ask that you cover the postage back and forth from Citrus when you want to add more stamping. 

We regret that we cannot hand stamp the back of the pendant, as when we hand stamp the front it leaves a slight impression on the back.