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831 Silver Petal Necklace

8.3.1 Collection

Large Hand Stamped Copper Pet Tag


Sunny Pendant


Silver Bead Anklet


Anklets make summer even better.
Custom Initial Necklace

Anniversary Collection

831 Rose Gold Braille Necklace


A word to inspire them. GPS coordinates to ground them. Code 831 to give them a hug. Returning to school is going to be different. A little memento of your love can go a long way.
Victoria Necklace

Best Sellers

Designs we make the most.
The 3 Decade Necklace

Birthday Collection

Designs that celebrate their birthday with Swarovski birthstones, gemstones, decade beads, morse code, pennies + dimes by their milestone year and more!
Salted Caramel Bracelet Stack

Bracelet Stacks

Curated layers of semi-precious stones, wood and sterling silver in colours, textures and sizes that work in harmony. Bracelet Stacks of effortless perfection.

Canadian Roots Necklace


Let your Canadian pride shine bright with iconic Canadian coins + symbols. Necklaces, cuff links, keychains, bookmarks and ball markers.
Tree of Life Charm


Silver Aquamarine Morse Code Necklace


Encrypted messages to connect you to an intention, person or place.
2021 Loonie Ornament

Coin Designs

Canadian Pennies + Dimes connecting you to a milestone or someone special. Choose coin necklaces, keychains, bookmarks, cuff links and charms and let your Canadian pride shine bright.
FU COVID-19 Necklace

COVID-19 Donations


25mm Thick Silver Hoop Earrings


Sterling silver, pearl, rose + yellow gold earrings in all shapes and sizes

Fragile X

$200 Gift Card

Gift Cards

Gift choice and allow them to create their own bespoke memento.

We'll email an online gift card to the purchaser within 24 hours to print or forward to the gift recipient.

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