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Pink Tourmaline Silver Stud Earrings
Pink Tourmaline Silver Stud Earrings
Pink Tourmaline Silver Stud Earrings

Pink Tourmaline Silver Stud Earrings


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Our Pink Tourmaline Silver Stud Earrings radiate feminine beauty with exquisite Tourmalines; the modern birthstone for October.

The pear-shaped Pink Tourmaline is a natural stone, highly valued for its quality, colour, cut and rarity. We've collaborated on this design with gemmologist Catia Reis who has carefully hand-selected the tourmaline based on the integrity and quality of each individual stone. 

Although Tourmalines are known for their remarkable colour diversity, we've purposely selected pink tourmaline for its feminine beauty and to align with October birthdays and Breast Cancer month. 

Tourmalines are believed to be a stone of protection, able to ward off negative energies and entities. Tourmalines have also been credited with boosting creativity and promoting balance. 

The stone has beveled edges to reflect the light beautifully and is set with precision in a sterling silver bezel allowing the light to shine through and the stone to stand out; showcasing the tourmaline's natural beauty from all angles. 

The earrings securely fasten with sterling silver butterfly clasps. The posts have a security notch to prevent the butterfly clasp from falling off.

Pear-shaped Tourmaline: 5mm w x 7mm h x 3.5mm d

Sterling Silver Bezel: 5mm w x 7mm h x 4.5mm d

Sterling Silver Posts: 9mm

Made in Canada.

Elements: Tourmaline + Sterling Silver