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Algonquin Necklace

Algonquin Necklace


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Our Algonquin Necklace allows your Canadian pride to shine on your love of the great outdoors. Whether it keeps you connected to our National parks, cottage life, frolicking in the lake, being on your SUP board as day breaks, or life at camp (and your favourite camp buddies), we love the rich Canadian symbolism this necklace provides.

This necklace includes our Paddle Pendant, a Canadian Penny Charm in the year of your choice, our Leaf charm and a Thin Ball chain in your choice of 20", 22", 24", 30" or 36".

Paddle Pendant measures 3.7 cm (h) x .7 cm (w) x .1 cm (d). It's longer than a toonie.

Canadian Penny Charm measures 1.9 cm round and is wrapped in a silver frame so you can easily see the front + back of the penny.

Leaf Charm measures 1.4 cm (h) x 1.1 cm (w) x .1 cm (d).

The Paddle Pendant has room for 6 hand stamped characters. It has a brushed finish (as shown) as it will rub and scratch the Penny and Leaf charms; a brushed finish will minimize the appearance of scratches. If you prefer the paddle unstamped, that's fine too!

Choose your Canadian penny in the year of a special milestone…maybe the year of birth, marriage, children’s birth year, or the last year it was produced (2012). We have Canadian pennies in stock for most years from 1927 through 2012. Select by year from the Penny Year drop down menu below. Please note that the 2002 penny has the year on the heads side of the penny. 

Our pennies go through a rigorous cleaning process so they’ll come to you looking shiny and new….but are all rich in stories!

Stamping is included in the above price, now or later.

Elements: Sterling Silver (Canadian made) + Copper.


Please refer to our Necklace Chain Lengths Guide for a visual on the available lengths.

There is room for 6 hand stamped characters on the paddle pendant.

If you choose 1 letter or number we will stamp it facing down with a slightly larger font.

If you choose 2-6 letters/numbers we will stamp them facing out to the right, as shown in the picture.