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Slice Pendant with Penny Charm

Slice Pendant with Penny Charm


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Our sterling silver Slice Pendant with Penny Charm is forever timeless and has plenty of room to personalize with multiple names, names + birth dates or even a phrase. Choose a Canadian penny by milestone year to hang inside the Slice Pendant to allow her Canadian pride to shine bright.

Maximum 40 hand stamped characters on the Slice pendant including spaces between names/words/dates. This pendant will spin around (it won’t stay in a fixed position). We will center the stamping on this pendant unless you request otherwise (see Stamping Information tab for more info).

Choose your penny in the year of a special milestone; maybe the year of birth, marriage, children's birth year, or the last year it was produced (2012). We have Canadian pennies in stock for most years from 1927 through 2012. We'll wrap the penny in a sterling silver frame.

Please note that the 2002 penny has the year on the heads side of the penny. If you would like the 2002 year showing instead of the maple leaf, please include a note.

Our pennies go through a rigorous cleaning process so they'll come to you looking shiny and new.

Slice pendant measures 3.9 cm round x .15 cm thick; it's larger than a Canadian Toonie. 

Stamping is included in the above price.

Elements: Sterling Silver (made in Canada) + Copper.

We will center the stamping on this pendant unless you request otherwise.

If you expect to add more stamping to the pendant at a later date, please include a note in the Additional Stamping Instructions box that you plan to add another name in the future. We will leave a single space between the names/words/dates now so there is room to add more stamping later.

Stamping is always free; regardless of when we stamp it (now or later). We ask that you cover the postage back and forth from Citrus when you want to add more stamping. Get in touch when your family grows.

Stamping is positioned facing out on the Slice pendant, as shown. Variations may be accommodated; provide details in the Comments box if applicable.

We regret that we cannot stamp the back of the pendant. When we hammer the front it leaves a wavy impression on the back.