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Why We Love Sterling Silver Jewellery

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Why We Love Sterling Silver Jewellery

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Sterling silver - which contains 92.5% pure silver - is such a gorgeous precious metal and our favourite material to work with in creating memorable, quality jewellery. What your jewellery is made of is just as important as how it looks, and makes you feel. We know that when you shop you want your questions answered, so if you have been wondering why sterling silver jewellery is the way to go, read on for our top reasons for loving this precious metal. 1. Sterling Silver Jewellery is at a Good Price Point Although the price of sterling silver fluctuates, it's still within reach for most people, whether buying for themselves or as a gift. A personalized pendant and chain that she will always treasure (like this pendant + chain) can be found starting under $100. 2. A Soft Metal, It Takes a Hand Stamp Very Well We love silver because it's softer than many other metals; when we hand stamp it, it makes a beautiful impression.  This allows us to take a beautiful piece of silver and turn it into something more meaningful - something that you cherish, adore, hold close and that makes you smile when you see it in the mirror. 3. It Looks Beautiful A gleaming piece of sterling silver will always appeal to the eye. And it goes with everything in your wardrobe, because it is neutral and versatile! Many people are concerned about this metal's tendency to tarnish. It can, but we've never seen a piece that can't be brought back to life with a little TLC.  A sterling silver cleaner like Twinkle that we sell online, can remove tarnish, sunscreen or any sort of film left behind from products that you have on your skin.  If you can't remove tarnish with a silver cleaner, get in touch as we also offer a service for re-polishing your piece to remove heavy tarnish and surface scratches for a nominal charge. (For cleaning tips, read this blog). These are our reasons for loving this precious metal. What are yours? What do you love about sterling silver? Tells us on Facebook.

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