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Gifts for a Group: Jewellery Ideas for Your Girlfriends' Getaway and More

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Gifts for a Group: Jewellery Ideas for Your Girlfriends' Getaway and More

Are you looking for a memorable gift for your book club, movie club, or girlfriends' getaway? Some of our customers were and here we share some group gift ideas from our collection:

Five Leather Cuffs for Five Women as They Head to NYC!

Krista from Manitoba called me recently and ordered five Leather Cuff bracelets for her and her closest friends as they head off to NYC this summer to celebrate their 40th birthdays taking place this year. Each cuff is stamped with the initials of each girlfriend, as well as “NYC 2014: to mark this milestone birthday and the amazing way they are celebrating.

We get quite a few calls from people wanting to commemorate a milestone or special bond amongst a group with a piece of hand stamped sterling silver jewellery for each member. We talked with Donna Gosling (Yup, Ryan’s mom!) recently. She picked the Slice Pendant for her group of movie-loving friends, who get together regularly to watch and discuss a film together. Each Slice was hand stamped with meaningful words and Donna was thrilled she could mark these special friendships, and their tradition of movie-watching, with a necklace for each woman. Every time they go out together, these “Reel Girls” wear their necklaces!

What would you pick to mark an important milestone, event or tradition you share with friends? Or maybe just something that expresses the special-ness of your bond? Even though each piece is individually stamped with initials, dates or meaningful words, we are happy to provide a discount on orders of 5 or more that are placed at the same time. Great group discounts!

Friendship is a really special thing. Your sports team or book club, group of best girlfriends from your teen years or office mates can be your best cheerleaders through life’s fun and difficult times. They are the ones you cry with, the people you share the deepest laughs with and the ones to motivate you, constantly, to be a better person. Remember the heart lockets of yesterday, which split in two and you could each wear one side? Our jewellery is sort-of like this but takes it up a notch: Citrus Silver offers so many sophisticated designs with the benefit of personalization to make it a truly unique and memorable gift.

Do you have a reason to celebrate with a group purchase? Tell us about it, and we can match you with the perfect gift.

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