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Customer Story: Wedding Attendant Gifts

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Customer Story: Wedding Attendant Gifts

Wedding Attendant Gifts by Citrus Silver-1

I planned my own wedding in the days before Pinterest; when you had to go through magazines and tear out pages, stuff them in a folder and come back to them - strewn across the floor - when you wanted to piece together your theme and look! There also seemed to be fewer options for amazing wedding attendant gifts, favours and wedding extras - or is it just me? Now I see so many inspired ideas  - on Pinterest and elsewhere - for how to make your day uniquely you, and special. Maybe it is hard to decide! Have you thought about Citrus Silver jewellery as a gift for your attendants?

Jenny of Toronto wanted to give each of her attendants a personalized piece of hand stamped sterling silver jewellery and so she came to us to create these unique gifts for each woman. Her Maid of Honour and bridesmaids each wore the Tart, Sunny or Zing Pendant and her Maid of Honour also wore the Double Link Bracelet with a Petal Charm. I love how Jenny chose different pendants for the girls based on their personal style, it also gently differentiates the women when they are wearing the same dress. (See a picture of the beautiful ladies below)!

The bride gave the necklaces to her attendants as wedding party gifts and had them each stamped with personalized names that were meaningful to each girl, rather than being stamped with words symbolic of the day. This way, they will be meaningful forever, but each woman will be reminded of her friendship with the bride when she wears the necklace.

I know shopping for a wedding party gift can be a challenge; you want something symbolic of the day and friendship, and yet versatile so it can be loved and cherished in many ways, and for many years. Price point is also important to many brides, and we offer a discount on group purchases of 5 or more pieces.

Here is a picture of Jenny with her bridesmaids on her special day. As you can see from the photograph, you can’t see the detail on the pendant. You don’t have to worry about the names getting in the way of the photography. They look so lovely!

Wedding Attendant Gifts by Citrus Silver-2

Thanks, Jenny, for sharing your story and photographs with us! And for making Citrus Silver a part of your special day.

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