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Six Questions To Ask, For The Perfect Piece of Jewellery

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Six Questions To Ask, For The Perfect Piece of Jewellery
We like choice and think that offering you a wide selection of sterling silver to choose from makes the process of picking the perfect piece that much more personal. BUT, many people tell us there are just so many wonderful chains, pendants and charms (endless possibilities), and they can’t decide! Whether shopping for yourself or a loved one, here are the 6 questions to ask. The answers you come up with will help guide you. This is like having a personal shopper! 1. What’s Your Style? This is a BIG question so to make it easier to identify what suits you best (or a loved one), we have created three style categories, with a pin board to match each. Browse our Modern Collection, Everyday Chic Collection and Simple Everyday Collection. 2. What Shapes Do You Like? You may not think about it on a daily basis, but most of us do gravitate towards certain shapes, and not to others. Is square your preference for shape, or are you more of a circle person? Alternatively, maybe you prefer a different shape altogether that is funky, fun or classic? If you're not sure, step back and take a look at your home decor (think rugs, cushions and art). We bet that you'll find some themes that may help! 3. How Will You Dress When Wearing Your Piece? Do you imagine wearing your necklace or bracelet to the office each day, where you can usually be seen in business attire? Or are you a stay-at-home mom that can most often be found in comfortable and casual clothes? What you wear with your piece of jewellery will absolutely affect your choice! For a corporate look consider the Onyx beads. For a more casual look try the Thin Ball chain. 4. What Do You Want Stamped On it? Let’s talk practicality for a moment: some pendants don’t accommodate lots of letters. If you have a lot to say (!), you may want to aim for a larger pendant such as the Slice Pendant rather than a smaller pendant like the Sweet Pendant. Also keep this in mind: will you be adding anything (names/dates) later on? You will want to choose something large enough to add, oh, say another child’s name! And don't forget to request that Circle pendants be stamped "uncentered" so there's room to add a name or two (or three) later on! 5. What is the Age Range of the Wearer? This is somewhat important when buying a necklace for someone else. If you are choosing something for “Grandma” for example, you will likely want to stay away from the 16” length chains. Older women, a generalization of course, don't want something sitting close to their neck so we suggest going with a length of 18" or longer for Grandma. Teenage girls, however, might like something on trend with charms and mixed metals. 6. What Length Is Suitable? For necklace lengths we suggest 16" as the shortest length for a small or medium sized woman. For a woman with a larger build we suggest 18" as the shortest length. Of course many styles come in longer lengths, all the way up to 36" (just above the naval). Measure with a measuring tape or piece of string if you're unsure. If it's a bracelet you fancy, avoid going too long if you select a toggle clasp as it may inadvertently come undone. If you select a lobster clasp you have the option to attach it to a shorter link. Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure your wrist and slide 2 fingers snug under the measuring tape as this will allow room for movement.

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