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How to Keep Your Jewellery For Life

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How to Keep Your Jewellery For Life

Store Your Jewellery

Citrus Silver jewellery - hand stamped sterling silver pieces - never goes out of style but without the right care, they can begin to look worn. Oh no! You love your jewellery - we do too! - take care of it the right way with our answer for how to preserve your sterling silver pieces when you aren’t wearing them. Keep them for life!

It’s in the Bag

You received your Citrus Silver jewellery in an air-tight plastic bag. When you aren’t wearing your necklace, bracelet or earrings, it is best to store your piece in this same bag. Why? Sterling Silver is quite a soft metal and, therefore, easily scratched. Storing it in a bag means isolating the environment so as to prevent scratching from other things your jewellery may bump up against. The bag also seals out any toxins and exposes your necklace, bracelet or earrings to something important - the anti-tarnish strip.

Put a Strip in It

Inside of your air-tight bag, hanging out with your Citrus Silver jewellery, is a black strip. This is called an anti-tarnish strip - non-toxic and safe to handle, the anti-tarnish strip contains an active charcoal absorption ingredient. Basically, it absorbs pollutants and moisture and creates an ideal environment for your jewellery to live in. The ideal environment is a dry one, avoid tarnish by always making sure your jewellery is dry when you put it away. Misplaced this and your air-tight bag? Don’t worry! We can send you a replacement. Just email your mailing address to:

Don’t Let Me Tangle

If you store your jewellery in a heap, well then you may have experienced the dreaded necklace tangle - the chain tangled onto itself or another piece of jewellery. Storing your necklace individually in it’s own plastic bag will enable you to stack multiple pieces together (in a drawer or box). But just this may not be enough for finer chains. Wrap your chain around a piece of cardboard or sturdy paper about the size of a business card. Drop the whole sha-bang into your air-tight bag.

And a final note about the right care for your treasured piece: if travelling be sure to wrap your hand stamped pendant in a piece of tissue paper or kleenex to prevent scratching against your chain or bracelet as your jewellery bumps around in your bag.

Now, you have a timeless piece of jewellery that will truly stand the test of time. Want more? Shop now for your next Citrus Silver piece.

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