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Holiday Fashion: What to Wear to Holiday Parties

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Holiday Fashion: What to Wear to Holiday Parties

Your social calendar may be full but it can be hard to know what to wear to holiday parties. We rounded up some pretty fabulous looks, and paired each style with Citrus Silver jewellery to give you some inspiration. Look hot this holiday season!  Black Lace Top with black jeans.  The detail in this top doesn’t command flashy jewels.  Pair with our Cuff Bracelet (the Design of the Week from Nov 4th-10th) and our Simple Pearl Necklace.

Pencil Skirt

Patterned Pencil Skirt with a Sweater

This high waisted skirt looks best with a necklace 22” or shorter.   It would look great with our Dazzle necklace.  You can stop there or add our Double Circle bracelet for a stunning look.

White blouse

White Blouse with Jeans

Looks great with a long chic necklace like our 34” Layered Bead Necklace (add in Petal charms stamped with the initials of loved ones for a personalized necklace).  Our Hematite Bracelet looks good paired with this casual cool look too!

Dress with Blazer

Dress with blazer

Three quarter length sleeves need a wicked bracelet!  Looks great with our Cuff Bracelet featured in our Design of the Week from Nov 4th-10th.  We also love the edgy look of wearing our Triple Strand from our Lavish necklace with this outfit. Ruffle Dress

Tie Waist Dress

Looks great with the Triple Strand from our Lavish necklace for evening wear or our Simple Pearl Necklace for daytime.  A bracelet on a sleeveless arm is appropriate too if your necklace is too overpowering.

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