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Guest Post: Pink Chai Wears Citrus Silver

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Guest Post: Pink Chai Wears Citrus Silver
We asked Raj of Citrus Silver, how do you wear your favourite Citrus Silver piece. She shares an outfit, and kind words, in this post.    I’ve written thousands of words in my lifetime, titled hundreds of blog posts, and am the biggest bookworm I’ve ever met, yet I know without a doubt what my two favourite words of all time are; Armaan & Zara. I’ve never doubted even for a moment that we didn’t choose the perfect names for our kids. Armaan’s name was inspired by the French name Armaand and means ‘a wish or longing’ in Urdu. Zara’s name quite literally means princess in Urdu, but there are many translations for her name all of the world, including the French translation ‘light’, and the biblical interpretation; light from the East. As I’m writing this I realize how strange it is that both my children have Urdu names, although it isn’t a language I speak. I love my kid’s names so much I plan on getting a wrist tattoo to keep them close to me at all times (just as soon as I muster up the courage for that). So, of course, I  was thrilled when Citrus Silver Jewellery asked me if I wanted to try out a personalized piece from their jewellery line. There is nothing a mother holds closer to her heart than her kids. That’s why I chose to have both of their names and a heart charm included in my necklace. Customizing my necklace was actually a really fun part of the process. You can choose the shape of your pendant, any charms you want in it, style of your chain, and of course whatever you would like stamped on it. It was an easy choice for me to go with the kid’s names, but you could also commemorate a wedding, graduation, or any other milestone event. You don’t even have to stick with a pendant, there are also bracelets and earrings. In fact, I’m considering getting a bangle in the future with my wedding date or hubby’s name on it, I like him too. (In hindsight, I probably should have had his initial placed on the heart charm in the centre of my pendant. If you get one, you should do that.) I don’t usually wear much jewellery, but I’ve worn this piece almost every day for the last month or so. Even when I’m wearing a basic outfit like today, the necklace makes it feel like something special. I find myself rubbing it for good luck and comfort in a way that I could only find from the names of my children. I’m really happy that I got to share Citrus Silver Jewellery with you because it’s a Canadian company and the prices are very reasonable (a little more than a mall store, but a good quality personalized piece of jewellery is totally worth it). You can find out more about their products through their Facebook page. Now I’m curious to know; what are your favourite words of all time? What would you have hand stamped on your pendant, or tattooed on your wrist?

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