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Get a SLICE pendant and we'll give a SLICE (of our profit) to Covenant House

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Get a SLICE pendant and we'll give a SLICE (of our profit) to Covenant House

Recently, CBC business executive and long-time Citrus Silver supporter, Susan Kelly spent a night sleeping on a Toronto street as a fundraiser for Covenant House, a non-profit organization that helps 16-to 24-year-old homeless and trafficked youth get off the streets, fight alcohol and drug addiction, and transition to independent living.

The night of her sleep-out, Susan wore her Citrus Silver Slice pendant, which she’s had for nine years and is hand-stamped with her three kids' names. Although she wears it regularly, that night it felt even more important to have around her neck as she prepared to spend the night sleeping on a bed of cardboard. In addition to keeping her own kids close, it served as a reminder of how delicate children’s lives can be, and how easily they can be drawn into a lifestyle that nobody would ever choose. Well, that night, somewhere on the streets of Toronto, she lost her necklace. She reached out us the next day to break the news. Her heart was full of love for Covenant House, and pride for what she had done – but she also felt empty for having lost such a personal and important token. After hearing Susan’s story – and the fact that she raised close to $14,000 dollars, making her THE top fundraiser for the event – we decided to make her a new necklace as our way of saying thanks for what she did, and the difference she made. But we knew that we could do more. Watch our video to hear about Susan's experience that night and how we can all make a difference for the youth at Covenant House.   Until August 31 2017, Citrus Silver will donate $15 from the sale of every SLICE pendant to Covenant House.  Use coupon code Covenant15 during online checkout and Citrus Silver will send $15 from your Slice pendant purchase to Covenant House. Because we can all make a difference.      







          Keep your kids close to your heart, regardless of how far away they are, with a Canadian made pendant hand stamped with their names – with the knowledge your purchase helped some of our city’s most vulnerable youth.   If you’re interested in knowing more about Covenant house, their next Women’s Sleep Out, or other events, you can email Stacey Carcao at

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