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A Gift to Make Going Away to University Easier

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A Gift to Make Going Away to University Easier

It’s back-to-school time and many parents and their children are anxiously awaiting the start of university this September. Some will be moving out of their parent’s house and living away from home for the first time. Exciting! But it can be a tough transition - for both parents and kids. As always, jewellery makes things a little easier. :)

We have a suggestion for a piece of personalized jewellery that can bring “home” close to the heart. And it came to us from a customer.

She was in touch with us to create a cherished piece of jewellery for her son, who was moving away to attend university. She chose the Juicy Pendant on a Thick Leather Cord, which is a great pick because it is on-trend for young people, masculine enough to suit a guy but still appealing to a girl.

Juicy by Citrus Silver  

She might have also chosen the Peel Pendant, shown here with the Thin Ball Chain. It would also appeal to a young man, with plenty of room for a meaningful message.

Peel by Citrus Silver  

On the Juicy Pendant, we hand stamped the GPS coordinates of our customer’s house. It was a piece of ‘home’: no matter where he went in life - to school, or further - he would always have ‘home’ close to his heart. Cute idea, huh? The stamping has personal meaning, and yet isn’t immediately recognizable as overly sentimental. What a wonderful gift idea that makes the transition to living away from home, and away from family, a little bit easier.

GPS Coordinates on Juicy by Citrus Silver

GPS Coordinates on Juicy by Citrus Silver[/caption] If you have a child or grandchild headed off to school this year (or travelling abroad), get in touch with us to talk about creating this for your special life explorer.

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