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Chalcedony Necklace
Chalcedony Necklace

Chalcedony Necklace


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Perfectly delicate and with an ocean blue stone that will charm you. This Chalcedony Necklace looks great worn solo or layered with a slightly longer chain.

Chalcedony is said to be a nurturing stone that promotes sisterhood and goodwill.  It absorbs negative energy and brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.

We've designed it with our Mini Box Circle chain and it's available in your choice of 15, 16", 17" or 18" length so you get the best fit. It attaches with a lobster clasp at the back of the neck.

The Chalcedony gemstone is translucent and measures approximately 9mm round and is encased in sterling silver and dipped in Rhodium. It has a checkerboard faceted cut so it sparkles like a diamond in the light. It appears the same on the front and back so if it turns over it looks exactly the same.

Elements: Sterling Silver, Chalcedony Gemstone + Rhodium

Please refer to our Necklace Chain Lengths guide.