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Canadian Coin Necklace

Canadian Coin Necklace


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Our Canadian Coin Necklace includes 2 iconic Canadian coins each wrapped in sterling silver and available in your milestone year. We've added our Tree of Life charm and strung all 3 pendants onto our Mini Box Circle Chain.

Choose your penny and dime in the year of a special milestone; maybe the year of birth, marriage, children’s birth year etc. We have Canadian pennies in stock for most years from 1927 through 2012 (when it ceased circulation) and Canadian dimes in stock for most years from 1968 through 2020. We'll wrap the penny and dime in a sterling silver frame to preserve the coin's integrity.

Please note that the 2002 penny has the year on the heads side of the penny. The penny in this necklace can be flipped around so if you'd prefer to see the year at the front you can easily turn it around.

Dimes are believed to be a sign, often found in unusual places by people who have lost someone close to them. Read more about the power of dimes in our BLOG here.

Although we offer dimes by year, we believe that you may want YOUR own special dime included. The Dime Year drop down menu includes an option to have YOUR dime framed in sterling silver. If you choose this option we will email details for mailing your special dime to us to incorporate into your necklace. Delivery time will vary based on receipt of your dime. 

Our coins go through a rigorous cleaning process so they'll come to you looking shiny and new.

Add a personalized pendant to this necklace. We have more than 50 to choose from here.

Elements: sterling silver + copper + dime elements (nickel, steel, copper; depending on year)

16" tends to sit at the top of a crew neck shirt on a woman with a small/medium build. This would be choker length on a woman with a larger build.

18" tends to sit at the top of a crew neck shirt on a woman with a larger build.

20" will sit near the breast bone.

Please refer to our Necklace Chain Length guide for a visual.