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Bud Pendant

Bud Pendant


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Our Bud Pendant is our smallest sterling silver pendant, perfectly dedicate and stamped with your favourite initial.

Bud pendant measures 9 mm round x 1.1 mm thick. It's about the size of an adult woman's pinky finger nail bed (sorry, it's too small to compare it to a coin). Our next largest pendant is the Petal pendant.

The Bud pendant has room for 1 hand stamped upper case or lower case character (based on how it is entered in the stamping field) centered in the middle of the pendant. Stamping is included in the above price.

Elements: Sterling Silver.

We will center the initial in the middle of this pendant with a single upper case or lower case hand stamped character, based on how it is entered in the stamping field.

We regret that we cannot personalize the back of the pendant as when we hand stamp the front it leaves a slight impression on the back.