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Amethyst Necklace
Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Necklace


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Perfectly delicate with a purple amethyst stone to charm you. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, so this makes the perfect gift for a February birthday girl.

We've designed it with a mini version of our Diamond Cut Ball chain and it's available in your choice of 16", 18" or 20" length. It attaches with a spring clasp at the back of the neck.

The Amethyst stone is translucent and measures approximately 9mm round and 4 mm thick.  It is encased in sterling silver and dipped in Rhodium. The stone has a checkerboard faceted cut so it sparkles like a diamond in the light. It appears the same on the front and back so if it turns over it looks exactly the same.

Elements: Sterling Silver, Amethyst + Rhodium

Please refer to our Necklace Chain Lengths guide.