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Amethyst Bracelet Stack
Amethyst Bracelet Stack
Amethyst Bracelet Stack
Amethyst Bracelet Stack
Amethyst Bracelet Stack
Amethyst Bracelet Stack

Amethyst Bracelet Stack


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Our Amethyst Bracelet Stack includes 3 bracelets made with amethyst + grey moonstone semi-precious stones, rich in colour, shape and finish. Amethyst beads (February's birthstone) are dark, semitransparent purple amethyst beads. Amethyst is believed to activate the mind and assist with intuition, abundance, spirituality and contentment. Moonstone are light grey, semitransparent beads. Moonstone is said to calm emotions and strengthen intuition.

This stack includes:

1 x Amethyst Bracelet (Regular $45) with 8mm round, faceted amethyst stones with a 10mm shiny Sterling Silver accent bead for additional luxe.

1 x Amethyst Tube Bracelet (Regular $40) with 4mm round, smooth amethyst stones, a curved 25mm Silver tube and 5mm silver spacer.

1 x Grey Moonstone bracelet (Regular $40) with 4mm round, smooth moonstone beads and a 7x4mm Silver seed spacer.

These bracelets are strung on clear elastic cord so you can easily stretch them over your wrist.  If you prefer them strung on nylon coated stainless steel wire for strength and durability with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp closure, please request “String On Wire” in the comments of your order.

Make it personal with an attached hand stamped Petal or Bud charm, available separately.

Available in 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″, 8″ & 8.5″ lengths. See Sizing tab for more info.

Elements: Sterling Silver, Amethyst semi-precious stones, elastic cord. 

6.5" is suitable for an Extra Small adult wrist.

7" is suitable for a Small adult wrist.

7.5" is suitable for a Medium adult wrist.

8" is suitable for a Large adult wrist.

8.5" is suitable for an Extra Large adult wrist.

If you’re unsure of size, we recommend that you measure your wrist with a tape measure or piece of string, allowing room for 1 finger to fit underneath so there’s room for movement. Visit our Bracelet Length Guide for more info.