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Citrus Silver | Silver Jewellery, Handmade jewelry in Toronto | Our Canadianna collection with patriotic jewellery, canadian penny jewelry, hockey jewelry | Penny Cufflinks include an iconic Canadian penny embraced in sterling silver. It's the perfect Father's Day or birthday gift for Dad. Celebrate Canada 150
Penny Cuff Links

Penny Cuff Links

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The Canadian penny; a classic Canadian icon. Savour a bit of Canadian history and show your patriotism with these limited edition shiny Penny Cuff Links. Each penny is rigorously cleaned and embraced in sterling silver.

These Penny Cuff Links are a great conversation piece and make a great gift for him and a special heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Choose your penny in the year of a special milestone...maybe the year of birth, marriage, children's birth year, or the last year it was produced (2012). We have Canadian pennies in stock for most years from 1927 through 2012. Yes, you can request 2 different years if you like. Select by year from the drop down menus below.

Please note that the 2002 penny has the year on the heads side of the penny. If you'd like the year to show on this penny, please request 'heads up' in the comments of your order.

Our pennies go through a rigorous cleaning process so they'll come to you looking pretty shiny and new....but just think of all the places they have already been.

Cuff links measure 2 cm round.

Elements: sterling silver + copper

We sent 1971 penny cuff links to Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. See image below to read his letter of thanks.

Cuff links may take 1.5-2 weeks to make. Delivery time extra.