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Protection Bracelet Stack

Protection Bracelet Stack


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Our Protection Bracelet Stack includes 5 bracelet layers made with Obsidian stones + Howlite stones.

Obsidian is considered to be a bodyguard to your soul, protecting you from shadow traits (like addiction, fear, anxiety and anger) by acting as a mirror to your inner self. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. 

Howlite is said to strengthen memory and stimulate the desire for knowledge. It is believed to teach patience and help eliminate rage, pain and stress. A calming stone, Howlite calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. 

What's included in this 5 layer, easy-to-wear elastic stack:

1 x Protection Bracelet (reg. $40) made with 6mm round Obsidian matte, opaque beads. There's a 6mm sterling silver accent bead with a velvet cut finish to pair nicely with the matte finish of the beads.

1 x Silver Bead Bracelet (reg. $49) made with 3mm round sterling silver beads and silver spacer beads in square, round and seed shapes (we wear these all year round with every bracelet combination we design).

1 x Howlite Bracelet (reg. $40) made with 4mm creamy Howlite semi-precious stones with 4mm Obsidian stones on each side of a 5mm sterling silver spacer bead and 3mm gear shaped silver beads.

1 x Obsidian Bracelet (reg. $40) made with 4mm round Obsidian matte, opaque beads and 4mm Howlite accent beads on either side of a 5mm sterling silver spacer bead and 3mm gear shaped silver beads.

1 x Obsidian Bracelet (reg. $40) made with 4mm round Obsidian matte, opaque beads and a brushed 5mm square sterling silver accent bead.

Available in 6.5″ (XS), 7″ (S), 7.5″ (M), 8″ (L) and 8.5″ (XL). See Sizing tab for more info.

Make it personal with an attached hand stamped BudPetal or Mini charm, available separately.

Elements: Sterling Silver, Obsidian stones, howlite + elastic cord.

6.5" is suitable for an Extra Small adult wrist.

7" is suitable for a Small adult wrist.

7.5" is suitable for a Medium adult wrist.

8" is suitable for a Large adult wrist.

8.5" is suitable for an Extra Large adult wrist.

If you’re unsure of size, we recommend that you measure your wrist with a tape measure or piece of string, allowing room for the tip of 1 finger to fit underneath so there’s room for movement.