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Opal Silver Stud Earrings
Opal Silver Stud Earrings
Opal Silver Stud Earrings
Opal Silver Stud Earrings

Opal Silver Stud Earrings


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Our Opal Silver Stud Earrings display a unique phenomenon known as play-of-colour; dazzling flashes of colour that move as the stone is turned. Combined with pattern diversity, opals are truly one-of-a-kind natural stones. This gem is also regarded as the traditional birthstone for October birthdays. 

Opal is valued for the diversity of colours and patterns that make each stone unique. Not all opals show this effect, but the ones chosen for this design do! We've collaborated with gemmologist Catia Reis who has carefully hand-selected the opal based on the integrity, quality, pattern and colour of each individual stone. 

Although opals can vary in base (background) colour, our design features a soft yellow base colour. The magic of opals results from the flashes of colours as you move it, created by the diffraction of light within tiny silica spheres resulting in a play-of-colour. These flashing colours range from red, blue, green and orange and lend personality, elegance and uniqueness to each stone.

Many people wear opals as a protective talisman to ward off evil and bring good luck. They are also believed to enhance creativity, stimulate intuition and promote emotional balance. 

The stone is oval with a cabochon finish; meaning it's polished and shaped with a rounded convex front and a flat back. It is set with precision in a sterling silver bezel allowing the light to shine through and the stone to stand out; showcasing the diversity of colours from all angles. 

Opals are sensitive to excessive heat and sudden changes in temperature. 

The earrings securely fasten with sterling silver butterfly clasps. The posts have a security notch to prevent the butterfly clasp from easily sliding off.

Oval-shaped Opal: 5mm w x 6.5 mm h x 2mm d

Sterling Silver Bezel: 5mm w x 6.5mm h x 4.5mm d

Sterling Silver Posts: 9mm

Made in Canada.

Elements: Opal + Sterling Silver