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The Olympic Dream

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The Olympic Dream

The Olympics start this week and our family is very excited to celebrate Canada, the spirit of strong Canadians and the winter sports that we love. Will you be tuning in to watch with your children? As I sit down with my kids to watch our favourite events, I will be thinking about the many moms and dads out there watching in Sochi (or at home) as their children realize a dream. For many athletes (and the parents who stand behind them), competing in the Olympics is a culmination of long long hours and years of practice, a strong confidence and will, as well as persistence in believing this day is possible. Being an athlete must be an incredible journey; one that starts young by turning up at that very first practice, lacing up a small skate for the first time, and getting on the ice (or the ski hill) just because it feels good. I am certain that the athletes don’t forget where they came from, and how far they came, when they lace up to go out there for the big career defining event. My children are passionate about the sport of hockey. They love to play, no matter the time of day or the weather outside or even how they feel in a moment. They love to play because the sport means something to them and their commitment comes from the rewards hockey gives them. I see my role as parent as supporting them in their dreams, no matter where those dreams take them (to the ice rink every weekend, to the Olympics or to a fun beer league when they grow older). I see my reward as a parent in watching their eyes light up when they watch or play hockey, and knowing that in enabling them to play I am giving them an important component of a happy childhood. I wanted to include the Maple and Hockey Stick pendants in the Citrus Silver collection to give parents and kids the opportunity to honour each other, in recognizing what roles each play in bringing the love of the sport to the family. Kids may like to give their mom the hockey pendant to say, “Thanks for being the best kind of hockey mom.” Moms might like to give their kids the maple pendant to say, “Dream big, and maybe one day you’ll wear this Canadian symbol in a different way.” That’s the Olympic dream. Let’s celebrate the sports we love, and the country we are proud of during the Olympic games. I want to add: let’s remember that not all kids have the opportunity to play sports, so lend your support to great charities like Right to Play and Jumpstart to help bring sports to underprivileged kids. GO CANADA GO!

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