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How to Revolutionize Goal Setting with Intentions - And Get a Pretty Necklace Too!

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How to Revolutionize Goal Setting with Intentions - And Get a Pretty Necklace Too!

Welcome to the middle of January, and to the doldrums of mid-winter. You may be feeling swept under by the cold weather, or the challenge of sticking with your resolutions when you just want to give up, cozy under a blanket for hours and eat cake. January always begins with so much brightness, but around now it can kinda fizzle a bit. Are you feeling it too?

The pressure of resolutions is one big way things can feel as though they are fizzling a bit; too often we focus on the standard resolutions - lose weight, get to the gym, eat healthy foods - without focusing on the “why” of it all. Why do we want to make that change - what is the bigger picture there?

This is why I really love the concept of setting intentions, and as a way to set goals it really brings a unique perspective. Setting intentions goes beyond trying to change a habit - it gets more to the root by changing YOU!

What is an Intention?

I happen to love that there are two definitions for the word “intention;” “a thing intended, an aim or plan” and “the healing process of a wound.” An intention for the new year is a lovely way to set the boundaries of our course, to define with a single word or short phase or sentence how we will govern and define each action we take in the months ahead. I particularly like summing it all up in one word. Your 2015 intention could be, for example, Strength, and this may shape the way you approach motherhood, your career, your workout routine and personal challenges.

Goal Setting for 2015

Get clear in your head on what you want for the new year. Write down what things you hope to accomplish.

Try to see what word naturally comes to you during this process, when you write out your goals, with what spirit or mindframe will you approach them? “Do it” might be a good action-oriented intention for someone who feels they finally need to move forward with achievements.

Write down your intention, that one word (or a few words) that comes to you when you are goal-planning for the new year.

And here’s where the pretty necklace comes in: choose one of our pendants and have the word or short phrase hand stamped on it. Choose a chain to go with it and you have a beautiful keepsake, and perpetual reminder of the course you want to stick to all year long.

What will your intention be for 2015? And how will you choose to remember it?

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