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Tang Pendant

Tang Pendant


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Our Tang Pendant is a beautiful small square in sterling silver.

This pendant is smaller than our square Punchy Pendant and has more defined corners.

Measures 2.4 cm (h) x 2.4 cm (w) x .15 cm (d). It's the size of a quarter and works nicely on a necklace or bracelet.

Maximum of 8 hand stamped characters per side; or 6 if adjacent side(s) exceed 6 characters. We do not center the stamping on this pendant (see Stamping Information tab for more info).

Stamping is included in the above price (now or later)!

Elements: Sterling Silver (Canadian made).

The maximum number of characters per side is 8. However, if adjacent side(s) exceed 6 characters, the maximum number of characters per side is 6 as only one side can occupy the corner.

The reference to left and right sides is based on facing the pendant (not wearing it).

This pendant looks great with 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides stamped.  If you only expect to stamp one side, we recommend stamping on the right side.  For 2 sides, we suggest the bottom and right. For 3 sides, we recommend the left, bottom and right. If you plan to add more name(s) to the pendant in future, consider where you would like the names stamped at the time of order. If you choose to have the designer layout the stamping on the pendant, please include a note in the Additional Stamping Instructions box indicating that you plan to add more name(s) in the future.

We suggest having the shortest name stamped on the top of the pendant, otherwise the pendant may appear top heavy.

Stamping is always free; regardless of when we stamp it (now or later). We ask that you cover the postage back and forth from Citrus when you want to add more stamping. Get in touch when your family grows.

Stamping is left aligned and facing out on the left, bottom and right sides. The top is right aligned and facing in, as shown. Variations may be accommodated; provide details in the Additional Stamping Instructions box below if applicable.

We regret that we cannot stamp the back of the pendant; as hand stamping the front leaves a slight impression on the back.

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