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Small Sandalwood Lava Stone Bracelet

Small Sandalwood Lava Stone Bracelet


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This Small Sandalwood Lava Stone Bracelet, made of aromatic sandalwood from a small tropical tree, stimulates your olfactory senses in a natural organic way. Sandalwood is often used in mala beads and we love them for their organic look and their lovely woody scent. 

The Sandalwood beads are 6mm x 5mm and we've added 3, 6.5mm round Lava stones to this bracelet. We love the look of these porous black beads and you can add a few drops of your favouorite essential oil to compliment the sandalwood aroma.

There's a 6mm x 3mm Sterling Silver roundelle accent bead that adds the smallest shiny touch to the mix.

Prefer larger beads? Check out our Sandalwood Lava Stone Bracelet.

Available in 6.5", 7", 7.5", 8", 8.5" & 9" lengths. Other lengths available by request. See Sizing tab for more info. 

Elements: Sterling Silver, Sandalwood, Lava stones and elastic cord.

6.5" is suitable for an XS women's wrist

7" is suitable for a Small women's wrist.

7.5" is suitable for a medium women's wrist or small men's wrist.

8" is suitable for a large women's wrist or medium men's wrist.

8.5" is suitable for an XL women's wrist or large men's wrist.

9" is suitable for an XL men's wrist.

If you’re unsure of size, we recommend that you measure your wrist with a tape measure or piece of string, allowing room for 1 finger tip to fit underneath so there’s room for movement. Visit our Bracelet Length Guide for more info.