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Silver Amethyst Morse Code Necklace
Silver Amethyst Morse Code Necklace
Silver Amethyst Morse Code Necklace

Silver Amethyst Morse Code Necklace


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Our Silver Amethyst Morse Code Necklace allows you to wear your word or mantra in disguise; the perfect way to channel a feeling or intention without having to share it with the world. 

Enter up to 5 letter/number characters and we'll convert them into dots and dashes based on International Morse Code standards. We'll include a faceted purple Amethyst semi-precious stone between letters/numbers so each character is distinguishable. Amethyst is believed to deepen spirituality, creativity, addiction release and restful sleep. It's also the birthstone for February.

The dot and dash beads + chain are all sterling silver. Available in 15", 16", 17", 18" and 20" lengths, INCLUDING the morse code message. The latter will vary in length depending on the number of characters and beads per character. Please allow approximately 1" - 2" for the code. On average, a 2-3 character code will make up 1" in length and a 4-5 character code will make up 2" in length.  For example, a 16" necklace may include a 15" chain + 1" morse code bar (approx 2-3 characters) OR a 14" chain + 2" morse code bar (approx 4-5 characters). Don't worry, you choose the total necklace length and we'll do the math!

Please note that we can go beyond 5 characters (up to 9) but the shape of the necklace will change. Instead of appearing as a bar, it takes on more of a "U" shape and the coding will go up the sides of your neck, especially if the length is short. If you'd like more than 5 characters, please enter MORE in the personalization fields and include the longer word in the Comments for the Maker box. 

The chain is our Mini Box Circle Chain made up of tiny links 1.8mm round, and fastens with a lobster clasp. We love this necklace layered 2" - 4" longer than a simple delicate chain  OR  2" - 4" shorter than a thicker chain.

We'll include a copy of the International Morse Code with your necklace so you, or the gift recipient, can crack the code for yourself!

Elements: Sterling Silver + Amethyst semi-precious stones.

The 16" necklace is suitable for a small/medium sized woman and will fall near the top of a crew neck shirt. 

The 18" necklace is suitable for a woman with a larger than average build and will fall near the top of a crew neck shirt. 

These are guidelines only and will vary based on the actual size of her neck.

Please refer to our Necklace Chain Lengths guide.

If you require a custom length, please enquire.

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