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Removable Clasp

Removable Clasp


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This Removable Clasp can be opened by hand and allows you to move your stamped Citrus Silver pendant from necklaces with a toggle clasp to another necklace without the use of pliers. It also allows the Sunny pendant (sold with the Personalized leather cuff) to be worn as a necklace.

Clasp is available in 2 sizes. Please specify the pendant by name that you will be wearing it with to ensure you receive the clasp that will fit your pendant.

This clasp is not as secure as a permanent clasp/jump ring that we would attach using pliers. It may loosen over time. Check it regularly and if it opens with little resistance squeeze the back with a pair of pliers to tighten.

It is not recommended to be worn around small children who may tug on your necklace. Nor is it recommended to be worn with a bracelet charm.

Elements: Sterling Silver.