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Large Hand Stamped Copper Pet Tag

Large Hand Stamped Copper Pet Tag


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Just like you, your favourite pet deserves the luxury of precious metal and a Large Hand Stamped Copper Pet Tag personalized with their name and emergency phone number to ensure you're contacted should they ever become lost. 

We've given this copper tag a polished shiny finish, so it closely resembles Rose Gold, with their name and your phone number hand stamped into the copper so it will never wear off.

We will engrave the emergency phone number around the bottom edge and their centered in the middle as shown. There's room for a name of 9 characters across the middle, plus a 12 digit phone number (including a dot between the number groups) along the bottom edge, as shown.

We'll attach a jump ring to the tag, so you can securely thread it onto the ring of their collar.

Measures 23mm (l) x 23mm (w) x 1.5mm (d). 

Copper is a soft metal, so it may scratch over time if it's rubbing against other tags. If you prefer a matte finish, that will diminish the appearance of scratches, request MATTE FINISH in the Comments for the Maker box. 

Collar is NOT included.

Elements: Copper (Canadian made).

We hand stamp the phone number along the bottom, outer edge of the tag and the name in the middle.  We'll include a larger font for the first letter if the name is 8 characters or less.

All letters will be in UPPER CASE only. 

The phone number will be stamped with a dot between the number groups (rather than a dash between number groups that takes up more space).

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